Anti-Stress Fidget Cube with High-Quality Rubberized Coating

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Anti-Stress Fidget Cube with High-Quality Rubberized Coating

Roll: The gears and ball on this side are all about rolling movements(with the ball sporting a built-in click feature).Flip:Pivot this switch back and forth gently if you’re looking to fidget silently,or quickly for a more audible click.Breathe:Say goodbye to stress. The design of this face is inspired by traditional worry stones,tools used to reduce anxiety when rubbed.Glide:You don’t have to be a gamer to enjoy the unusually satisfying gliding action of this joystick.Spin:Looking for a circular fidget?Take this dial for a spin.Click:No need to click that pen anymore. And the bubble. You’ll find much fun from this fidget cube. Why do we fidget? We love this question. It’s not uncommon to hear fidgeting being spoken about negatively. It’s often labeled as unprofessional and deemed as anti-intellectual behavior. But in reality, the exact opposite has been suggested to be the case. There are lost of study about this behavior,and most of them get a view like this: In a word, the study believe fidgeting distracts part of the brain that's become bored so the other parts can pay attention to what we’re reading, hearing, or seeing. Several studies reveal that fidgeting actually has some benefits. We believe that the way we look at fidgeting needs to change. This behavior isn’t one that should continue to be stigmatized and mocked as unbecoming or inappropriate. We are passionate about the idea that fidgeting is a process that, with the right tools and outlet, can have positive and real-life applications. Where is the suitable place ? It was incredibly important to us that the design of Fidget Cube was one that would look great on any desk, whether that desk belonged to a student or a CEO. There are really no limits to when and where you can use Fidget Cube. Use it while listening to a lecture, or while studying for that upcoming test. Use it in the next meeting you have to attend (or lead). Use it at your desk while working on projects. Enduring a lengthy commute and need to relieve some stress? Fidget away.Marathoning a Netflix series? Yep, you can fidget then too. I don't really fidget. Would I enjoy Fidget Cube? We think so! Not everyone fidgets the same amount. But spending the last few years deeply interested in the process of fidgeting, we've observed the fact that almost everyone fidgets to some extent, in a variety of ways. Maybe you're not the type of person who uses objects like paper clips or pencils to fidget with. If that's the case, it's very likely you fidget in some other way, such as bouncing your knee up and down, tapping your foot, or picking at lint in your pocket. We believe that Fidget Cube provides a tangible way to capture your floating attention, regardless of whether you fidget consciously or subconsciously.



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